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You were trying to look at total memory about the device using C in MS-DOS. You were unclear the way you could access the quantity of memory about the device. You were trying to find a function or a global that might offer the information.

In this example, the DOS command: MEM might be as close as you were going to get as much as batch files are worried: MEM without treatment to show the device memory and exactly how it is divided between extended memory etc. MEM /C - can have just how much memory a particular driver occupies. Other options you could try are MEM /D and MEM /P. Type MEM /? inside a DOS box.

It could possibly be that you were trying to work using batch file (Dos based) while using ipconfig & netsh interface commands which may change the default gateway of Local area connection in Windows XP machines between 4 internet protocol (IP) addresses.

The command itself may be easy for you. But you would've liked batch file to do ping command to yahoo to check on for packets reply and also if you have an answer after changing the gateway to automatically alter the previous default gateway permanently towards the new one (number) which was changed and checked by pinging yahoo or whatever host. You use the next command to change the gateway: netsh interface ip set address name="LAN" source=static addr= mask= gateway=
In this situation, it's your netsh command that should set the default gateway permanently. So the only thing that you need is always to the choice is yours, once you've verified the gateway works.

According to tech help experts in the popular i . t forum, it would be best to check on reachability once, and after that apply that found gateway to everyone 32 machines. Like the next code, which assumes you have a (IP) set of those 32 PCs named . Of course, you will have to adapt the gateway IP list for your own personel use.

@echo off
set gtws=

set gtw=
for %%G in (%gtws%) do otherwise defined gtw (
route change mask %%G
ping -n 1 -w 200 | find "Reply from" >nul && set gtw=%%G

if defined gtw for /F "tokens=*" %%A in () do (
netsh \\%%A interface ip set address name="LAN" source=static addr=%%A mask= gateway=%gtw%
It may be that in your computer, User and groups are missing in the computer management. You have experimented with enter and add it for the snap-in, nonetheless it just tells that the Microsoft Management Console couldn't produce the snap in users and groups. You seek a fix just for this.

Your computer technology experts at your i . t . forum suggested one to perform the subsequent troubleshooting steps:

Start - Run - sfc/scannow

Once you execute the aforementioned command, it's going to scan the main files which are essental to windows for the proper functioning. It could possibly be which you were probably missing the active directory store type library. You can restore it in the few simple steps:

First download through the website below :

Then, extract from TypeLibrary\Release. To make it simple, we will extract it on the C:\ drive how to use odin make it simple.

Now throw open command prompt and run this command:

C:\ c:\windows\system32\.

You will get a message box saying the sort library is made successfully.

All Local Users and Groups should now open successfully.

In a great i . t . forum, today you learn a lot of important problem solving steps. This reduces your time and efforts spent on PC-related bottlenecks, and also you make smarter usage of your PC resource for growing your business.
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